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Yagi Tsusho and Prescilla has agreed global strategic alliance

Yagi Tsusho Ltd. ( its head quarter in Osaka, Japan represented by Mr. Yuzo Yagi ) has agreed global strategic alliances as follows with Prescilla (its headquarters in Paris, France represented by Mr. Christopher Sarfati) which owns leading ecologic fur producer, Ecopel ( its headquarter in Hong Kong, represented by Mr.Christopher Sarfati).

1. Yagi Tsusho will invest 20% in Prescilla. (Invested amount is not disclosed)


2. Yagi Tsusho and Prescilla will jointly found Ecopel Japan by the end of 2019.  This entity is not acting just a simple agent, but conducting exclusive distribution and marketing activities of the merchandises produced by Ecopel from the 2020AW season, in order to dramatically increase brand value of Ecopel and expand its business. Yuzo Yagi, Representative Director and CEO of Yagi Tsusho Co.,Ltd. will be appointed as the representative of the new company.

In order to enter into the market without any interruption, Ecopel Japan Preparatory Office has already been set up inside of Yagi Tsusho to do preparatory work.


3. The ecological fur materials and merchandises produced by Ecopel will be exclusively sold and marketed in the US market through Yagi Tsusho America Inc.  In near future, Yagi Tsusho and Prescilla may launch into joint venture for further expansion of Ecopel business in the US market.


4. Ecopel garments using ecological fur supplied Ecopel will be produced in the factories which Yagi Tsusho Group owns in UK and China, so as to meet growing needs from the market for better quality and quicker lead time.


This collaboration as above enables us to realize global brand marketing strategy, build a strong distribution network, and create future business opportunities for Ecopel by utilizing mutual know-how and network.


Presilla was founded in Paris, France by Mr.Gerald Sarfati, chairman of the company, as a company producing outerwear for luxury brands, in the 1990s.  In 2005, he foresaw the change of the market trend, and founded Ecopel, as a specialist in ecologic fur, as joint venture with a listed Chinese company in Shanghai.  Since then, Ecopel has been developing ecological fur fabrics by the alliance with a leading synthetic fiber manufacturer in Japan, bringing unprecedented sophisticated ecologic fur to the market.  The company currently working with more than 300 brands and companies, including many luxury brands, and has recently supported emerging designers. The company is also working on the development of environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled fur that has been refined and produced from recycled plastics in collaboration with a major chemical synthesis manufacturer, and ecological fur KOBA® derived from plant fiber through joint development with DuPont in the United States.


On the other hand, Yagi Tsusho has been focusing on its future in the essence and value inherent in its products.  This has resulted in the excavation, development and expansion of brands such as Moncler and Mackintosh.  We want to further enhance the value of Ecopel by leveraging our strength in global marketing and merchandising.


We are confident that our global strategic alliance will enable Ecopel to become an overwhelming leading brand of ecology fur in the market.


September 25, 2019

Yagi Tsusho Co., Ltd. : Representative Director and CEO Yuzo Yagi

Prescilla : CEO Christopher Sarfati


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