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Koba® Faux fur

The first ever bio-based faux fur

Created exclusively by ECOPEL,  KOBA® Faux fur integrates DuPont™ Sorona fibers to offer a soft, versatile, and long-lasting fur alternative for the global fashion industry.

As the apparel industry is increasingly pivoting away from the use of animal-based fur, this partnership will offer a versatile faux fur with attributes for markets such as the luxury fashion market.

KOBA®  faux fur is made with up to 100% Sorona® fibers, creating the first commercially available faux furs using bio-based ingredients. Using 100% Sorona® polymer homofilament fiber.

Sustainability : reduction is key

While it’s already established that conventional polyester used to create faux fur has a smaller impact on the environment than animal-based fibers, ECOPEL is willing to reduce the environmental impact of faux fur.


KOBA® faux fur is 37% Plant-based which means


  • 30% energy reduction
  • 63% Greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • And still animal-friendly


Along with our faux fur made from recycled polyester, KOBA® Faux Fur is our strongest sustainability effort to meet the criterias of the IPCC (International Panel On Climate Change)’s target of a reduction of 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for 2030.


We are creating the transition towards more eco-friendly synthetics.

ECOPEL is a global faux fur textile and apparel manufacturer that straddles from fabric to garments with a vertically integrated supply chain and sales offices servicing markets all around the world.


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