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ECOPEL’s exclusive screening of SLAY

In 2019, Ecopel was approached by film maker Rebecca Cappelli – a passionate woman determined to raise awareness in the fashion and luxury world about the treatment of animals used by the industry.

Slay : a powerful documentary film


Slay is the result of a 3 years-long investigation in all parts of the world and covers leather, fur and wool production. It has been premiered in London few days before the projection organized by Ecopel last September 13th at Royal Monceau Paris in presence of medias and influencers.


Ecopel’s commitment to animal protection is a top priority for the company since the very beginning. Thanks to our quality fur replicas and the great work of non-profit organizations – a growing number of fashion brands have been avoiding the use of animal pelts, thus reducing dramatically animal exploitation and their environmental impacts as well.

“ Ecopel decided to organize a private screening because this investigation opens our eyes to current practices and solutions that already exist. It is a global investigation that asks the right questions. Ecopel supports young talents as well as committed personalities with a positive message to spread in relation to animals and ecology.


We want to use our position as a relay between ngo’s and luxury so that together we can think about a more ethical fashion system.


For us, there is no position to take because we have excellent relationships with major groups with whom we communicate almost daily, specifically on projects related to textile innovation.

The film is not against brands or groups. It criticizes a system that we all contributed to create and that must be rethink in its entirety” says Christopher Sarfati, CEO of Ecopel

The environmental impact of synthetics has been a focus for a while which is good. But after viewing Slay, the idea that natural materials are a solution free of environmental impacts collapses as the documentary shows the exact opposite. Animal-based materials are the most detrimental to the environment and participate greatly to climate change and animal exploitation.



Opening a discussion about animal-use


Rebecca Cappelli says “I believe the climate crisis is an ethical crisis: it is the reflection and consequence of how we treat life on this planet.”


Synthetic furs have a smaller environmental impact than animal fur and remains the only life-friendly alternatives. With the goal to develop decreased impact options, Ecopel started Koba® in 2019 with Stella McCartney a partially corn-based faux fur and champions the use of materials made from post-consumer waste.


Since then, Ecopel has become a platform for helping to change mindsets and supports equally non-profit organizations and students in fashion.


The screening was followed by a Q&A session.

ECOPEL’s exclusive screening of SLAY

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